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South Yarra Picture Framers.



We will advise you when we can once again complete your framing,  from our new location, EARLY IN 2020.

Thank you for your friendship and your trust.


Email: syah@bigpond.net.au




 Specialists in Melbourne for 26 years.

South Yarra, Toorak, Richmond and Malvern.

Degrees, awards, certificates, memberships. 
Quality Framers in South Yarra since 1986.



We offer Fast Same Day Framing for those emergency situations.

Member of Melbourne Picture Framers Guild of Victoria.

All framing done on site in Melbourne.  

The Best Framers of Photographs in Melbourne
Single, multi-opening, collages and montages.


 Melbourne Corporate Work
Bulk Orders, Continuing Orders

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 Memorabilia & 3D Objects
Cricket Bats, badges, medals, patches, coins,

spears, knives, fossils, shoes, flags, hats, and jerseys.


Your Melbourne Address for Specialised Creative Framing
Needlework framing, clothing, papyrus and bark paintings, canvases, mirrors, computerised matt cutting, mounting photographs and prints to canvas.

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Framing Prints & Original Art Works
Oils, pastels, watercolours, sketches, etchings, canvasses, posters, blockmounting.

 Conservation Framing
Glass, museum quality matt boards, art restoration, photograph restoration.

Picture Hanging

Phone Russell on 0409 000 399

or email at go to Picture Hanging Solutions at http://www.picturehangingsolutions.com.au

Glass replacement, frame replacement, matt replacement

 Records & Database
We keep all records relating to the items you have framed with us.

And those

other things you think we cannot do … We love the challenge



Picture Framing in Melbourne.

Email us at   syah@bigpond.net.au

Conservation framing is similar to picture framing, however it uses framing materials and techniques that ensure the best preservation of the artwork, photograph, certificate or other framed object.

Conservation framing is a type of art conservation, for anything that is precious, and this newsletter discusses the role of Matboards in the Conservation Environment.

Why do we use matboards?

Matboards add the “wow” factor by providing a frame for the image as well as providing  
support. But matboards do more than this. Matboards keep the art away from the glass
and create an airspace allowing the art to breathe. Did you know that all art on paper breathes?
We use matt boards to create part of the conservation sandwich.

What matboards should I use?

The answer to this is straight forward: Cotton RagMat boards.
Cotton RagMat is the only matboard guaranteed safe next to any artwork.
It¹s the natural choice when the highest levels of protection are required.
For over 1500 years cotton has been both the courier and curator of history. Priceless
documents such as the Gutenberg Bible, Shakespeare¹s first folio, and the U.S. Constitution
exist today because they were printed or penned on cotton paper.
South Yarra Picture Framers use Crescent Ragmatt boards. South Yarra Picture Framers
trust cotton when preserving valuable art originals, limited edition prints or any artwork
that demands the best matting available, and the time-honored practice of making matboard
with cotton paper is still employed by Crescent today.


Remember South Yarra Art House and Cresent Ragmat Board:

·Made of strong cotton fibers, which are naturally acid-free and lignin-free
· Cotton is time-tested and naturally free of any chemicals that could harm artwork.
· Cotton is environmentally friendly.
· RagMat meets museum conservation standards as set by F.A.C.T.S. and F.A.T.G.
· Cotton RagMat is the only matboard guaranteed safe next to any artwork.